web design prices uk 2024

Website design prices can range from £100 to £25,000 (in 2024). Such a large discrepancy is dictated by several factors:

  • web site functionality and integrations,
  • designer’s skills
  • who’s developing content
  • mobile design
  • extra services (SEO, social media, marketing)
  • deadline

In this article we will discuss how these elements affect the cost of creating the site and what is the cost of web design in UK.

How much should cost Small Business html Website?

Features that you want on your web site have a direct impact on its cost. The basic version contains several pages with information about your company, products or services and how to contact you.

Training or help from the programmer is needed to alter content on simple business website.

Treat this like a business card – a place for basic information about the company. This site is not suitable for marketing and much of online success.

A fair price for  such a website  is £100 –  £500, depending on the skills of graphic artist and website complexity.

How much should cost website with Content Management System?

Currently, almost every website have a Content Management System (CMS), because the owners need to edit the content of pages, and do not want to pay for every change. For this purpose, website is equipped with an administration panel, where you can manually edit the pages using simple (or not) tools.

A fair price for such a website is £300 – £1000, depending on the skills of graphic artist, website complexity and number of elements you can edit for yourself.

If you need some add-ons to website (e.g. SEO modifications, advanced security or backups) the price will be higher.

How much should cost an online store?

Online store are basically a powerful CMS systems. There are many desired functions: shop categories, automatic payments, invoicing system, discounts, newsletters, customer support and so on.

There are Out Of The Box eCommerce Solutions and custom-made shops. Generally speaking, open source solutions are better, safer and cheaper.

A fair price for online shop is £500 – £5000, depending on the skills of graphic artist and shop features.

How to Choose a Web Designer

As you can see web design rates vary so much. It totally depends on what you want. But be careful, you can always find folks who will promise you an ecommerce solution for £50. You must know that quality design requires DAYS of planning, designing, coding, testing and making adjustments. Ask yourself, what quality will you buy for £50?